baby j

baby j was the sweetest baby ever.  oddly enough, he is my first korean baby and i loved every moment of this session.  dad is a seattle seahawks fan so we did a special photo of him and their future nfl quarterback.  don’t you love how baby j is holding on to daddy’s finger?  so precious…  thank you j & l for bringing your beautiful baby boy all the way up to the central coast.  it was an absolute pleasure to take pictures of your son.  25 comments from family and friends on this post and baby j will receive a free 8×10 on me!!



lillian lee - gina! you are fabulous- you are such a talented photographer and we are so lucky to have done this with you. it was great seeing you and your family!

Laurie K. - gina, you ROCK! Your newborn pictures continue to blow me away and I LOVE the football with daddy!!!

Jessica Kim - wow, the pictures are awesome! joshua is getting so big! :) i esp love the football one. let the brainwashing begin!

elena - awwwww!!!! too cute for words!!! i love the pics!!

heidi k. - These pics are too cute for words! Showing all my friends immediately. Haha, thanks for taking these great pics. Love the cameo, John.

Debbie Grammer - Love it… and you forgot to tell me about it!!

Steve - Gotta love the 2nd pic. hahaha. John would do that.

Tamara - How cute is he!! Beautiful job as usual!!!

Judy - SO CUTE! Can’t wait to meet the little guy! =)

John - I love the Seahawks picture! It’s going up blown up on my game room wall!! (when I get a game room…..) The actual picture taking was much easier than I thought. Gina did an awesome job.

sonja wright - These are so cute!! Gina you have such an awesome vision, love the football pose! I am sure dad does too.

kyungwukkim - Baby J you lucky to have a chance to meet such a nice photographer. It’ awesome. I’m very proud to be your grandma.

Daniel - That Seahawks picture is the best! Poor kid is going to have a life full of sadness as a hawks fan, but it builds character!

Mary Chung - So cute! Baby J is lovely. Nice jersey John. :)

Phil - great picture! too bad baby j’s gonna grow up rooting for the seahawks…

jess - These pictures are amazing! Can’t wait to see them all! Baby J keeps getting cuter & cuter!!

esther - nice. i love the one with the football. very creative.

brent - Looks like our future Superbowl… kicker err.. waterboy.. love the pic

Cindy - These are superb Gina! I really love how this newborn session is unique for the family and dad’s love for the Seahawks. You need to have a gallery or site soon so we can all see more!!!!!

Sarah Cho - awwww he is adorable!! i cant wait to see him in person!

son - eek! i love it! (especially his little blue nappie. haha…)

alanna - amazing baby pics! how did you take the pic of baby j on a football without waking him?

jenny souh - baby j is adorable! the blue diaper looks great on him =).

jjackson - What a cute little baby! Judy showed me these pics!

sarah - #25! the idea for the 2nd photo is ingenious. now i really hope joey can have a son someday…

Cathy Lee - Lillian…He is the most precious thing!!! You did good! =)

Rachel - I LOVE this one!! I just found out I am having a boy yesterday and I would love a newborn picture like this!

baby k

baby k was such a sweet baby boy.  check out his full head of hair!!  mom was nervous because he cried at first, but once he felt asleep, it was smooth sailing until the end.  thank you r for letting me photograph your adorable son and also to my friend s for introducing me to this wonderful family.



Jennifer N - SERIOUSLY…too cute. I love this baby and his full set of hair. I love how his leg dangles over the basket. VERY IMPRESSIVE.

Cama Cathrae - Darling!! I love the basket one! You rock!

susan dunn - Oh my gosh Gina, great job! R, he is so adorable!!! I love the colors/texture of the quilt on the second one, and the basket one is too cute!

amy w - I love the blanket you used in the second one, just enough color to it. Also the basket is very creative, I think babies with full heads of hair are sooo adorable :)

Rita - OMG! Gina, you are AWESOME! The pictures are excellent. Just amazing!

Jene Cao - awwww tooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! I especially like the second photo – his pose is adorable!

Cindy - Stunning Gina. You truly have a talent for newborn photography.

erin o - Verrrrry cute. So much hair for such a little guy.

Sandy - Picture perfect! Very artistic photos – love it! Does Baby K have a future in modeling??? =P


recently, i was given the opportunity to do some head shots of a brazilian model.  for the record, i do NOT do head shots, but i am always up for a challenge and like to step out of my comfort zone every once in a while.  my friend jennifer nguyen of snails and pigtails photography was gracious enough to come with me that day.  she is the master of posing and has a really unique eye.  we had a great time doing this session.  here’s your sneak peek, e….




Jennifer N - LOL.. of course you edit his pictures before any of the WS pics. I am going to too!!!

christy - These are absolutely sublime!! I am in love with every single one…..your processing is top notch!

susan dunn - ooh la la!

Cindy - I’m with Susan… ooh la la!

rilvacy - Você está muito lindo bjs.

Tamara - WONDERFUL JOB!! Great variety!!

Eduardo - Hey Gina!!!! Definitely I love your work!!! I like!!! So fast but was fun!!!! When are you coming again??? You so nice!!! Why you did n`t put my picture with you??? ha ha ha… I liked!!!
Thank you!!!
Eduardo Freicho

Deivson - I like very much it the two last pictures!!It’s off the hook!rs

Edda - Awesome job, Gina! You totally rock!

Patricia - O melhor de tudo é que ele é maravilhoso por fora e é uma pessoinha incrível de coração! Amo muito vc Dudis!!!!!!!!!!

Adriana - eu já peguei este fofo no colo… já dei papinha… que saudades de vc meu lindo…. quantas brigas entre eu e paty pra ver quem pegava vc primeiro…super bj saudades….

Jennifer - these all turned out wonderful. I came across your blog and just love your work!

Karol Costa - Nossa tá lindo o trabalho hein! Parabéns à Fotógrafa e a vc Dudu! bj grande!!

Beijeane - Duduuuuuuuuu, as fotos ficaram lindas!!! Ou melhor, vc ficou lindo!!! Hum… pensando bem… vc É lindo!!! rsrsrsrsrsrs Bjo!

kacio's - wow… Dudu, ficaram muito boas brow…! q bom q meu comentário naum é o unico em portuges aki:] =P
abrass mano


vivian martins - Dudu…vc bomba muito!!!!!! fotos perfeitas!!!!!!

Aline Cristina - Aêê Dudu, arrazou… lindo demais… parabéns a fotógrafa, só os melhores clicks…

SCHIRLEY TANIA DAMM MARTINS - Lindo…suas fotos estão de revista !

baby m

baby m was such a cutie pie!!  i just love the swirl on his head.  remember moms, newborn sessions run much smoother when the baby is less than two weeks old.  enjoy your sneek peak, mom!!



christy - Oh my goodness….Gina, these are just marvelous images! That little swirl of hair, just so precious. You have such an eye for detail. Beautiful work ;)

Jennifer N - I love the swirl on his head. I love the little details. I love every little nook and cranny a newborn has to offer. Cute baby boy!

Veronica - I second Christy’s comment on the hair swirl. Great detail and CREATIVITY! =) I love the textures on the baby blanket on the 2nd photos. love love love! I wish I could photograph infants like this! True talent~

Cathy - I love these pics I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks so much for you patients and talent.

susan dunn - such a great photo and what a cutie!!!!