Project 26 [2]: Out of Focus

“…to slip beneath the surface and soar along the silent bottom of the sea agile
and shining in water honeycombed with light.” ~ Ellen Meloy

Please click here to see what Linda Prows of Germantown, TN has done this week!

Callie - gorgeous…love the dream like essence of this.

Kami - Wow. very dreamy.

Linda - B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Nice work!

Mallory - Beautiful!!

Marsette - Beautiful and Dreamy!

GInger - I love how soft and pretty…to me she looks like an angel coming out of the clouds…

Breanna - absolutely stunning!

Pamela joye - A perfect quote for the image that follows….the soft color washed in hazy light, her pose and expression…it feels very impressionist painting…or a film still from the 1920s if film were in color then. Beautiful.

lili Love - this is so soft, so dreamy and very beautiful. completely divine. the colours… the feel…

Carrie - Love the soft, dreamy quality. Gorgeous!

myra - Gorgeous dream like state. Please tell me this was taking during a warm summer day… if not the water must have been freezing for both you and the model. :)

Linsey Stuckey - I love when you put a quote before the image. Truly breathtaking!

Lili Love - the colours, the softness, so dreamy. so beautiful. so divine.

Project 26 [1]: Light

“To love beauty is to see light.” ~ Victor Hugo

Two years ago, I did a 52-week project with a group of wonderful ladies on the BLOOM Forum.   That project really help push my photography to another level.  The weekly project was a bit much for me, though, so this year, I’m taking on half the amount.  Our first assignment:  LIGHT.  So here is my little one, pretending to be a butterfly.  (Yes, it was pretty warm here on the central coast of California.)  I’m so interested to see how others interepreted our first challenge.  From Houston, Texas, here is the talented Linsey Stuckey.


Project 26- week 1 » - […] continue on to see the others in our Project 26 group starting with Gina Oh in Arroyo Grande, […]

Marsette - Oh how I love this! So sweet! Like a dream!

Linda Prows - Gina, so beautiful! She could be a butterfly!

kami - I love your work Gina and this adorbs!

Pamela Joye - this is such a frozen moment of childhood. of your girl. i love the soft focus. i love that she’s caught almost silent and still yet right before she moves again. it’s very still yet active. and her expression is one of awe and innocence. and then all of that bathed in soft hazy light. this is one i’d want to see on a wall every day. i like the feeling i have looking at it.

myra - absolutely gorgeous! love how you captured thismoment… so creative!

Linsey Stuckey - Just gorgeous! Your little girl is the perfect expression of innocence, beauty, and grace. I just love the light flooding in behind her. I’m so excited to see more of your work this next year.

Ginger - oh my, this is so unbelievably pretty. I love the softness in her legs, in the background. simply breathtaking. I can not wait to see what you post next.

Ginger Haddock - I had to come back again to look…it is simply amazing. love how her dark hair pops out, and her wings, and the light shining through them, and the way she’s looking at the ground or her feet…just lovely.

Lerin - Simply MAGICAL!

jennifer n - Super cute and the lighting is perfect for the scene.

Jennifer Capozzola - This is such a beautiful portrait Gina. The light, her wings and her dress all combine to make her look like she is going to fly away to explore the world.

Lili Love - i love this, although it makes me miss the days when my girl was small and free to be a barefoot girl with wings. incredible light. just beautiful.

Lili Love - just read the other comments and have to say i agree with pamela.. i would want this one big on my wall too

Katarina - This is sooo lovely!!!

My 3

Lillian - Gina! i’m so glad to see you back in the blog circle!!! your kids are beautiful!!!!! Bridget has transformed into such a young lady!!! all the best and happy holidays

Jennifer N - Geez the kiddies are growing up so fast. It really makes me miss you and your family so much. At least I’ll see them in the virtual world! Make sure you’re in some of the pics, you have 365 to post, I better see some of you!

Judy - Gina – I miss you so much! Your children are precious! You are amazing as ever. I love your work!