Elevate ~ Love

“Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!” ~ Thomas Hood

Welcome to our ELEVATE circle.  I would like to send you all lots of LOVE today.  This photo was inspired by my friend, Wendy Von Sosen and I knew I was going to try this out for Valentine’s day as soon as I saw her photo.  Now, head on over to my friend, Orange County, CA Photographer, KAMEE JUNE!!! Have a lovely Valentine’s Day tomorrow and a week filled with love, everyone!!

Jasmine Sargent - Gina this is perfect. Love the light and soft colors.

Gina K. - Gina, this is such soft dreamy goodness. The light is divine. Just really gorgeous the whole way through.

Marmalade - Beautiful & dreamy, love the heart bokeh!

Nichole Van - I so love this . . . . . gorgeous, dreamy and the little hearts are brilliant!

Val Spring - Love and adore this Gina!!! I took one of Lola blowing hearts as well but it has a totally different feel than yours! Yours rock so much my friend!

wendy - Well done! And the hearts! Perfection. In love.

kamee june - you, and this, have my heart. no pun intended.
i heart it. pun totally intended.
xoxox me

jefra - GASP! oh Gina!!! This is so soulful and beautiful!

Jennifer N - another print for your walls!

Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Photographer - This shot is wonderful, love the out of focus, and the heart sparkles. What a sweet shot of the little girl. The expression on her face is adorable.

Sandi - So lovely!

Paula - So cool – how did you get those ‘hearts’. did you do it with a Lensbaby?

Chiyo - Beautiful swirl on top of the chocolate at the end did that take lots of prtcaice, or did it just turn out perfect first time?Simple, short ingredient list is always a bonus, and the peanut-butter/chocolate-loving folks I fix for love things like that Great job on cutting back’ on dessert but still allowing yourself the pleasure.

http://worthythings.com - It’s like you’re on a mission to save me time and money!

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