Fifty-two on Fridays : [31] Funny

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” ~ Walt Disney

My children have yet to go to Disneyland.  It seems as though SOMEONE is a little more anxious than the rest of us.  One day we shall… hopefully one day soon!!

Can you believe that school is starting here in a couple of weeks? Summers in the central coast start about now, so I feel like we are just hitting the warm weather…  I am actually walking around without a jacket. My plan is to hit the beach with my family this weekend.

I am sure we will chuckle at the photos that will be displayed in our circle this week. Please start with the talented Dallas/Ft. Worth Child Photographer Brenda Acuncius.

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Jasmine Sargent - What a cutie! Love the pop of colors in this shot!

Sara T - Oh my word……hahahaha. Love this. Super cute! Color pop rocks.

hope - can’t even explain how much i love this…too cute!

maureenwilson - too cute gina!! Enjoy the beach. My kids both started school today!!

Jennifer O. RomeoandMae - Too cute! I’ve been dying to go to Disneyland or world…I think I want to go more than the kids!

Val Spring - OMG i need to go there and pick her up!!! She’s the cutest little thing on earth! Her smile is absolutely beautiful and you, my friend, are genius! Love your creativity! xo

Gail Pomare - I will I will haha.. gorgeous

Jennifer N - Let’s go together! Winter break? Just look at C? She is ready to go girl!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Gina, this is so freakin awesome, I love it! The cutest thing ever!

Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photographer} - OMG this is too cute! LOVE!

Melanie Pitcher - how precious! She looks so excited – I think she was really hoping to get a ride! What a cute idea!

aubry {phoenix az photographer} - you are so creative, love the color and light here. great shot

Shannon Harrison - I’m ready to roll mom, what’s the hold up? Too cute Gina!

Jen from Windy Ridge - What a doll! Love it! hehe

Kara Jo {Memphis baby photographer} - haha what a cute idea, love her little face!

breeze - hahahaa! love this so much.

jules - this is my favorite of the week! love the huge smile on her face! so much fun!

Gretchen - Take me too!!

wendy - I would totally take that cutie to Disneyland. Please tell me someone did. So cute!

brenda - One of the CUTEST things I have ever seen! I’d pick her up and take her and let her hang out with all the princesses!!

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