A Budding Photographer, Pam McLaughlin

These days I get several emails from people asking me questions about what camera I use, what actions I use, etc.  I do plan on answering those questions in a few weeks here, so just hold tight.  Every so often, though, I chuckle, because I will get an email saying that I “inspire” them.  If that is the case, I sincerely thank you.  Today, though, I want to share some photos that were NOT taken of me.  These were taken by one of my readers who tells me that I “inspired” her.  She is very new to the photography world, so new that she just went out and bought a little point-and-shoot camera just a few weeks ago.  When Pam emailed me some of her photos, I was blown away.  So much so, that I wanted to share them with you.  It just goes to show that one does not need a fancy schmancy camera or the newest lens to take breathtaking photos.  Pam, thank you for inspiring me and my readers today.

Also, check out Salt & Prep today for a feature of our ballerina shoot along with fabulous tips from our very own Emily, of Frenchie & Flea.

Kristy - You’re right, those are beautiful!! As always, love how humble you are. xoxo

Jennifer N - Pam is on her way up, especially having you to inspire her. She already has the eye and appreciation for beauty for her photos.

john - very nice framing… i wish i had an “eye” for photography

Nancy, James and Chris - How beautiful, wish we could be there in person. How nice of you to share them with us.

Rachel - That last one is breathtaking! Seriously.

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